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Today you can see:

Landscapes und 
Maritime Paintings
Maritime Paintings - Ships Various Types Coastal Landscapes
Traditional - Fishermen and Freighters
Now 50 Ships - Paintings,Data,History
"Greundiek" - Paintings, Drawings
Now available: "Kümo Greundiek" - the book !
Container Ships of NSB Shipping Pictures from Denmark 
Landscapes of Northern Germany Elbe - Wide River 

Journeys - Drawings,Photos 
SF- Stories from Journeys 
Pictures from the Oman Sultanate: Drawings, Photographies, a Science Fiction Story Drawings and Photographies from Greenland, 
water colours and a Science Fiction story
Drawings from a Journey to Morocco Drawings from a Journey to Iceland
A Journey with Hurtigruten - Coast of Norway  Drawings and Photographies from Turkey
Photos: My Home Sailing Area  Elbe Photos from Cuba plus a  Science  Fiction Story
Cruising round England - photos and drawings Teneriffa
Cruising the Baltic Sea - photos and drawings <<< neu

Computergrafik - 
  Digitale Kunst - Digital Art
Computer Graphics 1.......................................................... Photo Manipulation, Photo Montage
Computer Graphics 2 Photo Montage 2
Computer Graphics 3  Fractals
Computer Graphics 4 Homage to Prof. Mario Markus
......... .........."The Art of Mathematics"

  Science Fiction - Graphics 
  and Stories   Sorry - German text only   :-(
"Climate Changes" - Graphics and Science Archive of Science-Fiction Stories
more than 100 stories !!!
"Grenzgänge", "Irgendwann und Irgendwo" Information about sources
und "Morgen und Übermorgen" ---------


Mensch und Realität  ("Man and Reality") -  Supplements to Portal
Scientific Tour d'Horizont
Sorry - German text only   :-(
Introduction to the supplements - Relation to the Portal The evolution
The position of man in the world Superstition and religion
Man in space and time - Cosmology Where the brain fails
Numbers - Theories of Relativity - Quantum Physics - Chaos and fractals
The Earth
Keyword "Reality" - About the Subject of the Portal Composition of matter

For papers about religion and philosophy, please see German version.

Not speaking German, you may nevertheless enjoy the photo montages contained in Duhn/Klug "Warum gibt es eine Welt" ("Why is there a world?") 
or the portraits of famous scientists, contained in "Wir glauben vieles zu wissen, 
aber was wissen wir wirklich?" (We are convinced that we know a lot, 
but what do we know really?)

Something else!
Guest Page for Good Friends
Photos:      Maritime Still Lifes Christa Pabst: Flowers and Landscapes - Watercolours
Fancywork und Similar Things Dr. Konrad-Jürgen Kleinicke: "Es menschelt überall" 
Nonsense along the Elbe - Limericks Travelling out of the Ordinary Way        IndiaBirma
PhilippinesBirma 2011
Harald Duhn: " Der Staatsanwalt"   - eine Erzählung
"Mehr als nur ein Name!"  -  Lebensbilder
  Persons one should remember
Achim Wensien: 
"Geschichte vom Halbmond in der Suppenschüssel - 
a travel report from Kurdistan"
Vicco Meyer: Lebensbilder

Informationen about the Painter/Author

If not stated otherwise, you can buy the paintings etc. shown. Please ask for the price.  (Indication: the most expensive paintings cost around 500 EUR). I also would be pleased to work for your order.

IAre you interested in mural paintings, inside or outside? Would you like to see the door of your garage decorated  ?  Are you looking for some individual textile, or an expressive painting ? Pay a visit to the versatile artist Beate Gr?schler!
You will find a big art portal under www.kuenstlersuche.de
A small but fine portal for art and culture you find here: www.lightmoment.eu
On www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/yourgallery/you find hundreds of artists around the world
The internet portal "Mensch und Realit?t"     covers basic questions of human existance scientifically  and artistically. My old colleague and friend Jochen Wendt (+) has written most of the  scientific chapters. I have produced the illustrations and contributed some chapters and a number of  Science-Fiction-stories.

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